Asian American & Pacific Islander Mental Health Resources
Racial trauma, or race-based traumatic stress (RBTS), refers to the mental and emotional injury caused by encounters with racial bias and ethnic discrimination, racism, and hate crimes. Due to long...
By The Mental Health Coalition
The Scaffold Effect: A New Book from the President of the Child Mind Institute, Dr. Harold S. Koplewicz, MD
In this new book, The Scaffold Effect, world-renowned child psychiatrist Dr. Harold Koplewicz, Founding president and director of the Child Mind Institute and MHC members organization shares how to prevent...
By Child Mind Institute
Mental Health America & Black History Month
In celebration of Black History Month, MHC member Mental Health America are highlighting Black and African American contributions to the mental health movement because they are oftentimes overlooked. Without recognizing...
By Mental Health America
BIPOC Mental Health Resources
Because of longstanding systemic injustice, there are many barriers that limit access to high-quality, culturally-informed mental health care for BIPOC communities. This means that it is crucial to highlight the...
By The Mental Health Coalition
LGBTQ+ Mental Health Resources
Our work is far from over to create mental health equity for the LGBTQ+ community. We have compiled mental health resources for members of the community. If you are a...
By The Mental Health Coalition
COVID-19 Mental Health Resources
These unprecedented times call for solidarity and unification. Now, more than ever, The Mental Health Coalition believes we must increase the conversation around mental health. We must act to end...
By The Mental Health Coalition
Black History Month: Mental Health Resources
Black Lives Matter. Black Mental Health Matters. Black History Month is a time to reflect and celebrate the accomplishments of the Black community. The Mental Health Coalition is committed to...
By The Mental Health Coalition
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