The Coalition & Saks Fifth Avenue’s Roadmap to Back to School For Parents

The Mental Health Coalition & Saks Fifth Avenue

With Back to School season coming up, we’ve partnered with Saks Fifth Avenue to make an often daunting experience smoother for both kids and parents. Click here to learn more about Saks and the Saks Fifth Avenue Foundation’s mental health commitment.

The bigger the change, the bigger the possibility for mental stress. This year, we are returning to schools that look different after a year no one expected, and this shift can cause both stress and opportunity for growth.

The back to school time, although it can cause stress, provides a unique opportunity for growth. Periods of transition allow you to do things in a new and improved way. This is a good time to create healthy habits for both physical and mental wellbeing. For example, if you’re not used to checking in on your child’s mental health, this could be the time to start. Take the back to school time as an opportunity to bond, connect, and support your child through this change.

More within the full Roadmap to Back to School for Parents linked below.

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