The Coalition & Universal Music Group’s Guide to Mental Health & Homelessness

MHC & Universal Music Group

November is Homelessness Awareness Month, and we’ve partnered with Universal Music Group and the Universal Music All Together Now Foundation on a Guide to Mental Health & Homelessness to raise awareness around the mental health impact of homelessness and share tips on what we all can do to lessen the stigma.

Homelessness impacts mental health in a variety of ways. Obstacles such as being unhoused, food insecurity, health uncertainty, family instability & other factors are all sources of stress for people experiencing homelessness. 30-40M Americans were at risk of eviction or foreclosure prior to the pandemic, which has only exacerbated this stress. Being mindful about your interactions with people experiencing homelessness can reduce the stigma and help folks feel more supported. 

Read our Mental Health & Homelessness Guide to learn about the interconnectivity of mental health and homelessness.

More within the full Guide to Mental Health & Homelessness linked below.

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