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Throughout the month, we'll be sharing mental health tips & resources for the LGBTQ+ community, so be sure to follow along. ...As always, for mental health resources, visit us online at thementalhealthcoalition.org/resources (link in bio).

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As Mental Health Awareness Month comes to a close, we want to thank all who have participated in our #RevealHowYouFeel challenge. With an officially-trending audio and over 500(!!!) videos from our community that have collectively reached millions, we’re thrilled about the impact of this ...initiative and grateful for your support.

Our goal was to promote emotional vulnerability and show that we all feel a whole range of emotions behind our smiles — and that message came through loud and clear with all of your incredible videos and comments.

Click the Reels tab on our profile, along with the #RevealHowYouFeel Reel hashtag and audio page, to view more.

To learn all about feelings and find emotional support resources, visit thementalhealthcoalition.org/feelings.

If you’re able, please consider making a donation (see the button on our profile) to support the continuation of this work.

Special thanks to @michellevisage for recording the powerful audio and launching the initiative with us.

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Our 4 steps to dealing with your feelings: FEEL, ACCEPT, MANAGE, & SHARE.

Name your emotion + be curious before rushing away.

Know that it’s okay to feel that way.

Try a coping skill to embrace or diffuse.

4. ...SHARE
Talk to your loved ones about how you’re doing, and check in on them, too. (You can also open up about how you feel on social media through our #RevealHowYouFeel challenge!)

To learn more about navigating your emotions, visit thementalhealthcoalition.org/feelings.

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We all have struggles behind our smiles. Often, we look at others and assume they’re happy because they appear that way on the outside — but in reality, everyone experiences a range of emotions.

Here, MHC Champion @mycancerchic talks about the struggles she’s faced behind her smile ...as a young breast cancer survivor and more.

Want to join in? Our #RevealHowYouFeel challenge is running all month long. Check out the template pinned to our profile with our trending audio to create a video that compares times you actually felt happy to when you looked happy but were struggling inside.

To learn more, check out thementalhealthcoalition.org/feelings.

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Kudos to the @u.s.surgeongeneral for boldly addressing the impact of social media on youth mental health! 👏 His new advisory, published Tuesday, sheds light on the potential risks and challenges our young generation faces with social media — and calls for urgent action from policymakers, tech ...companies, and researchers alike. It's time to come together to create a healthier digital landscape for our youth.

Swipe through this post to read some of the key highlights from the Surgeon General's report. ➡

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@minatobias_ is taking on the @mentalhealthcoalition #RevealHowYouFeel Challenge — because Mental Health Awareness Month is the perfect time to get vulnerable and open up about the struggles behind our smiles.

Join us! Click the audio on this video (or the template on ...@mentalhealthcoalition’s profile) to pair the prompts with your own photos or videos. Don’t forget to tag MHC!

Learn more about mental health and emotions at thementalhealthcoalition.org/feelings.

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#KateWinslet shares a message to those in power: we need to make our world safer for children 👏 #MentalHealthMoments

To anyone in need of mental health support, please visit our Resource Library at the link in our bio.

Video copyright: @bbc / @bafta TV Awards

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Next time you notice yourself feeling angry, anxious, or another difficult feeling, try taking a pause to manage your emotions. That means identifying and accepting how you feel, then practicing a coping strategy before reacting. Watch the video for some ideas.

Learn more about managing ...your emotions at thementalhealthcoalition.org/feelings.

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@iamdavidkessler is taking on the @mentalhealthcoalition #RevealHowYouFeel Challenge! How we show up in photos isn’t always reflective of how we feel inside — so let’s open up about our true emotions & create a space for authenticity.

We want you to join the challenge! Click the... audio on this video (or the template on @mentalhealthcoalition’s profile) to pair the prompts with your own photos or videos. And don’t forget to tag us 🙂

The Mental Health Coalition is spreading the importance of emotional vulnerability all month long in celebration of Mental Health Awareness Month. Learn more about mental health and emotions at thementalhealthcoalition.org/feelings. #mentalhealthcoalition


If you or a friend need urgent assistance, call 911 immediately, or take your friend directly to the emergency room. If you feel it’s safe, stay with your friend, or find someone to stay with them until help arrives.

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